Traditional manual Micro and SME credit assessment processes are expensive in time and resources, and require, especially for the lower amounts, increased automation to reduce processing time and costs, while at the same time assessing credit risk accurately.

MICRO AND SME ORIGINATION has been specifically designed to address the key business challenges of this sector and deliver high quality rapid decisions to reduce operational costs, improve customer service and enhance risk management, leading to a reduction in bad debt and increasing margins.

MICRO AND SME ORIGINATION integrates robust application processing, data connectivity, decisioning technology and predictive analytics to create a complete proposition for Micro and SME lending.

Data capture screens allow the accurate input and validation of application data, which is then enriched with additional data from internal and external sources including traditional and alternative data. Workflow functionality drives the application automatically through the process, applies tailored policy rules and calculates credit scores by blending entrepreneur and enterprise data.

In the cases where a manual review is required, the workflow routes the application to the appropriate level of underwriter with all the information presented for a rapid and accurate decision.

Our MICRO AND SME ORIGINATION solution is able to receive, validate and manage credit applications via multiple channels, regions and platforms and capture all the required data to constantly increase the accuracy of the risk assessment, creating in time a unique competitive advantage for the financial institution.

Unique features of the MICRO AND SME ORIGINATION solution include:

  • Remote KYC smartphone module, allowing KYC to be performed in an effective and secure manner.
  • Automated traditional and alternative data enrichment, gathering on line data available in each country to create an accurate profile of the potential borrower
  • Multi channel loan processing, including SMS and USSD channels
  • Advanced analytics, maximizing the value of traditional and alternative data
  • Blend of entrepreneur and enterprise data, to create a unique overall assessment of the credit risk of the enterprise
  • Powerful and flexible decision engine, allowing credit risk management strategies to be created, managed and improved in less time and at a fraction of the cost required by any other system





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